Inspections And Maintenance

Inspections and Maintenance

The primary reasons for a roof inspection include:
Assessing damage
Insurance assessments
Warranty repairs
New roof installation pre-inspection
Real estate purchases

When assessing a roof for repair or replacement, A&T performs a complete roof survey with photographic record to determine condition and damage. We have a history of finding structural issues and fixing long-standing problems that have repeatedly cropped up even after previous repairs. Our reports will address structure, material life, flashings, metal edges, copings, and gutters.

Less comprehensive inspections can be performed for real estate purchase or to determine overall maintenance requirements.


A&T provides roofing maintenance contracts to commercial clients. This helps keep your free of debris that can cause damage, identifies potential weaknesses early, and assesses overall material life to ensure your roof is operating optimally. Maintenance is particularly important following severe weather, and can save you a lot of money over time.

For some roof warranties, regular maintenance is a requirement